I'm in! All alumni organizations of the University of Basel are united under the umbrella of AlumniBasel. Join your "family".



Welcome! We are very pleased about your interest in becoming a member.

If you would like to become a member of AlumniBasel, there are various options open to you:

•    Direct membership of the AlumniBasel umbrella organization - if a subject-spefic group doesn’t exist yet
•    Direct membership of a subject-specific alumni group (subgroups within the umbrella organization)
•    Collective membership through membership in a faculty organization: AlumniMedizin, PRO IURE, VBÖ, ZAB (Zahnärztliche AlumniBasel)

Under “Subject-specific alumni”, you can find a list of the various subject-specific alumni groups and faculty organizations.

Choose between two types of membership:

Regular membership:

The membership fee for AlumniBasel (the umbrella organization) as well the subject-specific alumni is CHF 60 per year and gives you access to the various offers and membership benefits. 

As a member of one of our collective member, you also receive access to the activities and membership benefits of AlumniBasel. However, the collective members of AlumniBasel determine their membership fee themselves through their society assemblies; the current rates are as follows:

  • AlumniMedizin:  CHF 60 per year
  • PRO IURE:             CHF 50 per year
  • AlumniWWZ:                       CHF 80 per year
  • ZAB:                       CHF 50 per year

Trial membership for new graduates:

A trial membership can be applied for by anyone who graduated from the University of Basel in the current or previous calendar year (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

  • AlumniBasel: The trial membership currently covers two years.
  • PRO IURE and AlumniMedizin do not offer a trial membership.
  • New graduates in dental medicine automatically receive a one-year trial membership from ZAB from the time of their state examination.
  • New graduates in economics automatically receive a two-year trial membership from AlumniWWZ.

(Subject to change)


Your registration will be processed as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

According to the statutes of AlumniBasel a membership of AlumniBasel is open to people who have:

  • obtained a degree/academic title (licentiate, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, PhD) at the University of Basel
  • completed training for higher teaching positions (University of Basel)
  • completed a course of postgraduate studies at the University of Basel
  • qualified as a university lecturer at the University of Basel
  • worked as a lecturer, PhD student, assistant, or research staff at the University of Basel for at least two semesters,
  • as well as to people with especially close links to the University of Basel or who have rendered outstanding services to the University.

» 5 reasons to become a member (in German)
» More about membership benefits (in German)


Your membership fees are our most important source of funding for our activities. Thank you very much for your support!

We would especially like to thank those who voluntarily increase the contribution each time. For donations exceeding the membership fee, donation confirmations can be issued upon request. AlumniBasel is recognized as a non-profit organization in almost all Swiss cantons.

Please find AlumniBasel’s banking details here.


Would you like to cancel your membership? To do so, you simply need to send an email to alumni(at)unibas.ch.